Kakinada (కాకినాడ)

Kakinada (కాకినాడ) is a city and a municipal corporation in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located 465 kilometres (289 mi) east of state capital, Hyderabad. It is also the headquarters of East Godavari district.It goes by the sobriquets “Fertilizer City” (owing to the large concentration of fertilizer plants), “Pensioner’s Paradise” and “Second Madras” (as it is well planned and peaceful). The city has a population of about 376,000 in 2001 (urban agglomeration) and is expected to increase to 550,000 in 2011(urban agglomeration)making it the eighth largest city in Andhra Pradesh by population. It is spread over an area of 92 km2, making it the fifth largest city in the state by area.

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